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Welcome to Tarot Chit-Chat!

This journal is for Tarot enthusiasts and beginners alike to chit-chat about anything related to Tarot cards, cartomancy, and other forms of divination.

Please feel free to post about anything you like, as long as it is related to Tarot. Posts are unmoderated. Please try to stay focused on Tarot and divination rather than general occult subjects; however, moderators will only delete posts if they are patently offensive to members. You may share spreads, ask questions, and discuss different ways to read cards.

If you are interested in more academic, moderated discussion, please visit our sister community, tarot_week, where we study a card a week and look at Tarot iconography.

If you are looking for a reading, please go to our other sister community, tarot_guild to find a reader or offer your services.

There are several questions that get asked very frequently. Please review our FAQ before posting them.

A few rules

1) Please keep on subject. Posts should be about Tarot. Posts about general religious or occult issues or questions belong in communities about those respective topics. Posts about the subjective morality of Tarot are only asking for a fight.

2) Please keep positive. We would like to foster an encouraging environment for everyone. If you disagree strongly with someone or disapprove of something they are doing, please hold your breath and count to ten. If you feel someone is being patently offensive or insulting toward a person or a group, contact the mods-- don't try to handle it yourself.

3) If you want to post about your analysis of a specific reading here, please do so under a cut.

If you are looking for tarot readings, please visit our sister community, tarot_guild, a community for matching up readers with readees.

Thank you for joining!

Useful links:
Facade.com has a variety of tarot cards and spreads and free 'readings.'
Aeclectic.net has many articles about the tarot.
LearnTarot.com has lessons and descriptions of the cards.
Tarot Teachings.com has lessons and descriptions of the cards.
Tarot.com has FAQs and articles about Tarot.
Trionfi.com has a very large collection of tarot designs.

Sabbats and Tarot

For those that celebrate the Sabbats/Wheel of the Year, does anyone associate certain cards w/ certain Sabbats? I associate Temperence with the spring equinox (b/c of the balance aspect and the irises fit more w/ spring than autumn) and the Sun (at least in the RWS deck) with the winter solstice b/c of the sun child....and Death fits with Samhain...anyone else?

I did it!

I finally got brave enough to hang out my shingle. This blog will expire in another month, but before it does, I'd like to link (through rss feeds?) to friends on this blog, if nobody minds. (I'm cross posting this my communities...forgive me this once?)

What shingle? That would be "3rd Task, Tarot for the Hero's Journey"--my online tarot reading site. It's actually taking off! It's on Blogger instead of LJ, which is good and bad. Good because I don't have to pay to not have advertisements on my blog. Bad because I prefer the way LJ works when it comes to finding friends, setting up the page (soooo many more template options). But I got my camera out, did some piecing together, and linked three sites into one, at very little overhead cost. Took a while, (during which the DH would come home and wonder what I'd done all day...) but it's up, it works, and I do readings every day now.

Odd discovery: online readings are a wonderful way to help people! There's a definite "Hanged Man" principle involved--the willingness to be still, stop fighting it, and learn to listen rather than talk. But the actual online factor helps with that, because a reading is about the person asking the question, with less distraction from the social aspect.

I hope some of you feel like dropping by 3rd Task and seeing what I've been up to. Comments are disabled for the part that acts like a web-page but they're wide open for the actual blog part. It's been a labor of love, and this is my way of passing out cigars.

discussion post at Tarot_guild

Okay, so I figured since this is a sister community and set up for chat about tarot, I would cross post one of our discussion posts from Tarot_Guild.

We only do these about once a month and the topic is generally tarot related, but more about tarot experiences than with learning tarot. I figure hey might as well open it up for a little more discussion since there haven't been a whole lot of posts here and this is the place to chat. If you would like to comment and see the comments that Tarot_guild members have made, please make a trip over to the post and continue the comments there, otherwise comment away here.

Anyway here is the post that is cross posted on Tarot_guild. ( also if you would prefer that these aren't cross posted, let me know)

Tarot_guild discussion for October - Halloween and tarotCollapse )


I've been reading reversals for a while, though more out of a desire to learn them than because I have any mastery of them. Lately, I've been getting almost entirely reversed cards in my daily readings. I used to draw one card for the day, but I've been inspired by a daily reading my husband has been doing. I draw one card to indicate what I need to let go of that day, and one card to indicate what I need to allow in that day. Sort of like, what is waning today? and what is waxing today? But lately both cards are reversed.

My questions to the group are:
How would you read a reversal in these contexts?
And, I keep getting the 10 Cups reversed. What does that say to you?


Possible mini book club?

Has anyone read Alan Moore's Promethea series? I have it in 5 volumes and at the end of volume 2, the last issue, is a walk through the tarot, mainly inspired by Aleister Crowley's Thoth tarot. I'd love to have some discussion about this deck, people's thoughts on the comic and the themes in it, particularly any one's thoughts around tarot as a metaphor for human progress, rather than just the individual soul's journey.

Tarot... Music!

I love making playlists. Whenever the mood strikes me or I get inspired, it's what I do.

Lately I've been struck with inspiration for making a playlist based on the Major Arcana and the 4 trumps (Cup, Pentacle, Wand, and Sword).

I plan on having one song for each, the song having a title and/or lyrics that have to do with the card itself or its symbolism.

When it is done I will TOTALLY share it here if I can! Right now I need your help!!

I'm looking for songs that have anything to do (title and/or lyrics) with the Major Arcana and the 4 Trumps They can be from any era or genre. I'm not picky! EDIT//: Okay, so I'm a bit picky. Disco, Rap, and Country are real iffy, but if it REALLY suits the card...

For example, I have the Fool picked out: "The Fool on the Hill" by the Beatles.

Thank you so much and if you're interested I'll share the list when I'm done!! ^_^

Four of Swords

Cross Posted with Tarot_Week - I know entries are moderated, so if it doesn't go up there, it'll be here, and if it goes up there, I'll take this one down. But I don't know what happened to the mod, but the community seems abandoned now, so...

It's been over a month and a half, so I decided why not try to do this, right? So I pulled a card from the Deck of Spite. The first card I pulled was the 6 of Wands, which amused me because that was the last one done. The next was...

Four of Swords

Visconi-Sforza, Marseilles, Rider-Waite, Kalivala and Shapeshifter Tarot

Card Description

Of course, the biggest thing in common among the decks is the sword. The Shapeshifter deck only has one sword, however the rest all have 4. Among the older decks, the Visconi-Sforza and Marseilles, the swords are the only element beyond flora. In the Rider-Waite we have a man laying on what is presumed to be a tomb, looking as though he is an effigy in the supine position, with a serene look upon his face. The stained glass window in the upper left we can see a man kneeling before a figure of religious authority, as is shown by the figure having two fingers extended. The Kalivala tarot shows an image of a male (Vaeinaemoeinen) lying face up in a river with four swords in his horse, and an eagle in the upper left corner flying toward him.

Typically the images on the card will show someone who appears deceased, but is, in fact, only resting. The Shapeshifter deck implies this resting with the vine wrapping itself around her sword.


The suit of swords is aptly named, as it often is seen as cutting to the underlying issue, without padding the answer. That isn't to say that it's necessarily an unpleasant suit, but it is extremely blunt, and people tend to not be fond of that. The swords typically represent some type of conflict, either inner conflict or conflict with others. Typically the element associated with swords is air.

The suit of swords generally implies some sort of logic or intellect, and the 4 of Swords reflects this. The overall feel of the card is a need for some time to collect thoughts and think. Not that one should actively brood, but to take a moment and breathe and relax.

Numerically, this card being in the number four position makes sense. The card is almost halfway through the journey between 1 and 10, but not quite. This implies that there is the ability to change the course of the journey, if necessary, as it is still shorter to go back than it is to continue on-- however, not by much.

The card reversed implies that, among other things, though rest and quiet may be wanted, none will be found, and that it will take time for things to be resolved, if at all. Other key concepts when reversed include forced isolation, depression, or loss of nerve.

Kalevala Tarot
Trionfi page

And, of course, if anyone has any complaints or questions, say something. Also, feel free to add more in the comments. Don’t worry if you're a beginner or not.

help me find this deck?

I know this thumbnail is impossibly small, but does anyone happen to know what deck this card is from?

I get a horoscope email every day that comes with a tarot card of the day, and I like the looks of that card and would be interested in seeing a higher resolution preview of the deck. That card is the 6 of swords. I have the Harmonious Tarot which I really like, but I'm looking for a deck that fits me a bit better. Any help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Apr. 12th, 2009

I am wondering if any one can tell me what deck this image comes from.

It's the ace of cups.

Years ago I found this image to use as an icon and now can't find it again. I'd like to see the rest of the deck.

Thank you!

The Easter Bunny came...

...and gifted me with two gorgeous tarot decks! I got the Goddess deck and book set, and the Tarot of One Thousand and One Nights. I think I'll be reading a lot with the Thousand and One Nights deck. It just talks to me and whispers sweet nothings in my ear. :)