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This is a community for chatting about Tarot!
Welcome to Tarot Chit-Chat!

This journal is for Tarot enthusiasts and beginners alike to chit-chat about anything related to Tarot cards, cartomancy, and other forms of divination.

Please feel free to post about anything you like, as long as it is related to Tarot. Posts are unmoderated. Please try to stay focused on Tarot and divination rather than general occult subjects; however, moderators will only delete posts if they are patently offensive to members. You may share spreads, ask questions, and discuss different ways to read cards.

If you are interested in more academic, moderated discussion, please visit our sister community, tarot_week, where we study a card a week and look at Tarot iconography.

If you are looking for a reading, please go to our other sister community, tarot_guild to find a reader or offer your services.

There are several questions that get asked frequently. Please refer to our FAQ before posting them.

A few rules

1) Please keep on subject. Posts should be about Tarot. Posts about general religious or occult issues or questions belong in communities about those respective topics. Posts about the subjective morality of Tarot are only asking for a fight.

2) Please keep positive. We would like to foster an encouraging environment for everyone. If you disagree strongly with someone or disapprove of something they are doing, please hold your breath and count to ten. If you feel someone is being patently offensive or insulting toward a person or a group, contact the mods-- don't try to handle it yourself.

3) If you want to post about your analysis of a specific reading here, please do so under a cut.

If you are looking for tarot readings, please visit our sister community, tarot_guild, a community for matching up readers with readees.

Thank you for joining!

Useful links:
Facade.com has a variety of tarot cards and spreads and free 'readings.'
Aeclectic.net has many articles about the tarot.
LearnTarot.com has lessons and descriptions of the cards.
Tarot Teachings.com has lessons and descriptions of the cards.
Tarot.com has FAQs and articles about Tarot.
Trionfi.com has a very large collection of tarot designs.